Frequently asked questions

Some frequently asked questions

Sweeney Todd

'Sheena's coaching was invaluable both vocally and in terms of developing a fascinating character'
David Thaxton as Sweeney Todd for Norfolk Youth Music Theatre
David is currently starring in PASSION at the Donmar Warehouse, London

What is the difference between a Singing Teacher and a Vocal Coach?

A singing teacher encompasses the teaching of specific techniques.  A vocal coach takes a more in-depth look at the singer's approach to performance.

Do I need to be an experienced singer to benefit from coaching?

No - a vocal coach will help to maximise the skills you already have and build on them.

Can I benefit from coaching if I am a classical singer?

Most definitely - all songs need to be performed.

I love to sing but I am too scared to perform on stage.

There are many ways to overcome stage fright.  Self awareness, setting goals and mentoring all help to develop self-confidence.

I am in a Rock Band - can I benefit from coaching?

Yes - the answer is the same as that for the classical singer - all songs need to be performed.

I know I have several 'bad habits' - can you as a vocal coach help me?

Yes - my experiences as a singing teacher and performer help me very quickly to identify 'bad habits'.  I will help you overcome these problem areas.

What experience or qualifications do I need?

None - you just need to want to perform.

 If you have a question please e-mail me and I will add it to the FAQ list.